Friday, March 14, 2008

David Jack Bell

This week at St. Andrews, the Fortner Writers' Forum recognized Dr. David Jack Bell, SAPC Creative Writing faculty member. Dr. Bell's recently released first novel The Condemned, has been acclaimed by the very best of the horror fiction world:

David Morrell, author of First Blood, raves:

"THE CONDEMNED gave me the tingle I felt when I read Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND for the first time. This is a wonderful, forceful, moody book that's as palpable as it's engaging. Pay attention to David Jack Bell. This is the start of an impressive career."

We here at St. Andrews tend to agree.

You can listen to his reading on the web, or if you find yourself lacking in street cred lately, you could always try subscribing to the podcast through iTunes for instant updates.

For more info, check out The Official David Jack Bell Website and The Official David Jack Bell Blog. (And don't let yourself forget about the The Official Guilty Pleasure of David Jack Bell.)

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