Friday, February 29, 2008

Marlon Carey

This week, St. Andrews had the pleasure of welcoming home one of her own, Marlon Carey. A 2000 graduate of SAPC, Marlon has been living and working in New England for the last several years. He has served his community as a public school teacher, but opted to enter into a more preventative, hands-on career in at-risk youth outreach. During his time away from his alma mater, Marlon has made quite a name for himself in the poetry slam circuit, and during his visit, he taught a master class on poetry slamming. His innovative and interactive teaching style wowed the nearly forty students in attendance, and his idea to have a mini-slam between professors of Creative Writing was a huge hit. (Ron Bayes won, followed by David Bell and...well, Molly McCaffrey had some points, too.)

Watch Marlon perform at the Lizard Lounge

At Forum, Marlon recited several of his own poems, asking daring questions of his audience such as, "Why does Nike support terrorism?" in his powerful poem "It Must Be The Shoes." He delighted the crowd with his poem that focuses on alliteration and speed of recitation, a poem he refers to simply as, "P Poem." After his lively performance, we shifted into a different gear, trying our hands at poetry slamming with Marlon's guidance. The guest judges, Dr. Rhoda Ramirez, Dr. Bill McConnell, and Dr. Ted Wojtasik, did a fantastic job and we appreciate their help! Though we aren't able to podcast the slam, please enjoy Marlon's reading.

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