Friday, February 22, 2008

Lois Siegel

St. Andrews was pleased to welcome to its campus Lois Siegel, a veritable powerhouse in all things creative. Recognized internationally for her photography, film-making, and music-making, Ms. Siegel has been a tour de force on campus, trekking from Women's Studies classrooms to Advanced Video Production meetings to the theatre and beyond. Aside from making films, playing music and taking photographs, Siegel is a professor at the University of Ottawa.

At the Forum tonight, we were privileged to views clips from several of her films on topic ranging from the history of women in baseball to a Canadian family that made a name for itself in film by staging and participating in stunts to the plight of the albinos. In light of being unable to podcast the actual Forum, please check out the interview with Lois Siegel instead--same bat time, same bat channel!

For more information on Lois' films, you can check out her website.

To order a copy of her award-winning documentary Baseball Girls, you can contact the Canadian National Film Board by calling 1-800-542-2164.

As always, you can listen on the web, or, for extra cool points, subscribe to the podcast!

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