Friday, February 15, 2008

St. Valentine's Day Open Mic

Photo from Sister 72

We hosted our second open mic of the semester tonight, on--as alum Chris McDonald pointed out--the 79th anniversary of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

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Chris opened up the night by reading Marine Life, a short story about a couple's spat over whether or not to have a baby while attending a conference in California.

Freshman Alexis Baker read a scandalous cut-up poem called "The Afterglow," followed by the Black-Mountain inspired "Hiking."

Senior Andy Reynolds read Theodore Roethke's "Her Becoming" and, since Valentine's Day isn't complete without a bit of Pablo Neruda, "The Song of Despair."

Taking a break from all the lovey-dovey stuff, senior Ed Farrell read a spooky short story that was entirely--okay, mostly--true.

Liz Monish followed that with a reading of Paul Verlaine's "Le ciel est, par-dessus la toit," in French and then in English.

Jeremey Weiss read one of his poems, "America's Duende," penned earlier in the day in Bayes' class, as well as "Quiz, Tests, and Homework," a lament to the last semester of his senior year.

Tabitha Zimmerman read two untitled love poems of her own. (It's cool, because she doesn't need titles.)

Freshman Ashley Bisson read a scandalous aubade, followed by a cut-up, "Ungrateful."

Unchained-Melody-Kirkpatrick read her Valentine's Day poem "Butterfly Love."

Next, senior Cate Johnson read from the fabulously rambling The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.

Ron Bayes, fabulous writer-in-residence and distinguished professor, read a little Ezra Pound before the break.

After a brief intermission, Dr. Rhoda Rameriez, professor of education here at St. Andrews, read from her collection of odd books, the poem "Livin'" and a few definitions of "kiss" from a comic dictionary.

Jacob Lee Robbins Pittman, who's favorite sappy love song may or may not be by Celine Dion, read one of his own, "A Day of Caring."

Senior Aileen Boe read the hilarious "Emotional Idiot" by Maggie Estep.

Senior Alicia Toke reads one of her own, "Salt," and follows it with a little Robert Creeley.

Emily Threlkeld gives a shout out to her first boyfriend, followed by "Settling" and "How Do You Write A Poem for A Guy Who Digs Rimbaud."

Dr. Thomas Heffernan reads a mystery love poem that showed up in his mailbox this morning--quite the scandal--and segues into a little Shakespeare, or as he's known around here, Willy the Shake.

Finally our hostess Margaret Mason Tate closes the night out with the love poem of love poems, by none other than e.e. cummings.

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